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Festival Royalty


2014 Erin Riley 1996 Allison Elliott 1978 Jonnie Barber
2013 Morgan Martin 1995 Erin Butler 1977 Melissa Bloodworth
2012 Christina Collins 1994 Shantia Cargill 1976 Carline Medley
2011 Christina Paterisas 1993 Amy Daniels 1975 Debbie Barber
2010 Ciara Moore 1992 Sara Bulloch 1974 Rosalie Nichols
2009 Isabel Pateritsas 1991 Donna Dasher 1973 Elizabeth Zingarelli
2008 Sara Ward 1990 Michelle Willis 1972 Denise Lunsford
2007 Parrish Johnson 1989 Link McWhinnie 1971 Lisa Barber
2006 Megan Segree 1988 Krista Miller 1970 Valerie Rolstad
2005 Heather Osburn 1987 Michelle Allen 1969 Mary Helen Marshall
2004 Heather Henderson 1986 Laura Ingram 1968 Carol Floyd
2003 Raevyn Jefferson 1985 Elizabeth Chesnut 1967 Brenda Mabrey
2002 Amanda Thompson 1984 Diane Gainer 1966 Wanda Smith
2001 Ashley Richards 1983 Karen Petteway 1965 Sally Bartley
2000 Kayla Martina 1982 Monica Lane 1964 Bobbie Kline
1999 Kayla Lee 1981 Selena Grant  
1998 Lee Anne Lemieux 1980 Lynn White  
1997 Kelli Carroll 1979 Suzanne Hill  

King Retsyo, son of Neptune, is the guardian of inland waters, bays and estuaries. He protects our natural resources and the seafood industry. Each year, the Florida Seafood Festival board selects a king who symbolizes Apalachicola Bay and the bounty harvested by the seafood industry.



2014 Bevin Putnal 2000 Tiny Carroll 1986 Bob Jones
2013  Vance Millender 1999 Ken Folso 1985 George Kirvin
2012 Smokey Parrish 1998 Kevin Martina 1984 Grady Leavins
2011 Ottice Amison 1997 Charles Wilson 1983 Bob Ingle
2010 Rex Pennycuff 1996 Tommy Ward 1982 Bob Ingle
2009 Stan Norred 1995 Jook Patrenos 1981 Skip Livingston
2008 Tommy Ward 1994 Jack Frye 1916 Carl Mohr
2007 Steve Rash 1993 Bruford Flowers 1915 John H. Cook
2006 Chris Jones 1992 Jimmie Nichols  
2005 Jerome Brown 1991 Buford Golden  
2004 Scott Shiver 1990 Mike Willis  
2003 Edward Branch 1989 Ollie Gunn  
2002 Charles Thompson 1988 James Floyd  
2001 Ralph Richards 1987 Woody Miley  

The 2013 Miss Florida Seafood will be selected by judges that are not from the area and have no knowledge of the contestants besides their Pictures and Names on this webpage. The Seafood Festival Board of Directors has NO influence on the result of the pageant. Those eligible to participate are: junior and senior girls for the 2013-2014 school year who are residents of Franklin County, 16-18 years old and have never been married or had a child and cannot be pregnant.

The Festival Board awards a five hundred dollar ($500) scholarship to the Queen.

In addition to the Florida Seafood Festival parade, Miss Florida Seafood attends several festival parades in surrounding counties to help promote Franklin County seafood and the Florida Seafood Festival. The Festival Board maintains the Queen's float. However, drive and vehicle must be provided by the Queen to the various events. Also the Queen is responsible for the storage of the float during her reign.

The Queen also makes several personal appearances (TV, radio, etc.) to promote the Florida Seafood Festival and Franklin County seafood. Attendance at events on Festival weekend will be required. Schedules will be announced later.

Each contestant must pay a $100 entry fee that is to be obtained from one sponsor. Your sponsor will be noted in the local newspaper along with your name and photograph.

If you are interested in participating or have any questions, please Email us at Royalty@floridaseafood.com